Based in Sunbury, VIC, C I Roof Repairs & Restorations offers a range of services set to restore and repair your cement and terracotta tiled rooves.

We source all of our products locally within Australia so as to guarantee the utmost quality is distilled within our work. We use products like the Flexible Pointing Compound and the Roof Coating System, among others, to support Australian brands while maintaining excellence within our work.


Our services include:

Roof Repair

If your roof is damaged due to wear and tear we have the ideal solution for you. No matter if your roof is damaged during a storm or accident, or simply has wear and tear, we can assist.


Re-bedding and Re-pointing

If you require old mortar to be removed and replaced, we can assist. We use a mixture of sand and cement when re-bedding and pointing, with the implementation of Flexible Compound. We point or re-point all capping, valleys and gables with flexible compound to increase strength and durability.


Pressure Cleaning

Using a high pressure cleaner we clean dirty and mossy rooves to rid them of all debris.


Gutter Cleaning

This involves the cleaning of dirt, dry leaves and debris in the gutters to avoid rusting, back flowing and damage to gutters and the blocking of downpipes.


Roof Restoration

This includes resealing and painting the roof with custom desired colour, as well as a combination of any of the above. This service is designed to restore your roof back to its original pristine condition.


Not sure if any of these services are right for you? Then contact us today to discuss your personalised needs. We guarantee our services are ideal for your roof repair or restoration requirements.